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Collie (mix breed)
Age: Young adult
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Additional : altered
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About kip: Hey my name is KIP, I am about 2 years old and 45 pounds. I have had a time running around Dungannon. Some lady called the girls here at the pound when I spent the night in her yard and she thought I needed to be elsewhere. So she kept me safe until they could get there to pick me up. The girls here are a little confused as to my looks so they got out this book that said Dogs on it and came up with this really neat breed mixture for me, how fun am I now?! But they brought me on into the pound here and boy am I loving it! So much more fun than roughing it in the great outdoors, it's still kinda cold out there. I guess my old mom & dad didn't think about the weather when they dumped me off on this back road. They must not have because I am a really wonderful guy, I love all the people here and all of these dogs running around here are sooo much fun! So come check me out, pleeeease! >KIP appears to be in good health and has been given his parvo/distemper vaccine and has been wormed for 3 days with Panacur. Please call 330-424-6663 ext 1757 if you are interested in giving him a loving, forever homeand a second chance at life. Our adoption fee is $100 CASH which includes his neuter, parvo/distemper vaccine, rabies vaccine, Ohio dog license which will be honored throughtout the state until the end of the current year and also has been wormed for 3 days with panacur. We are open Mon.-Fri. 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm and Sat. 9am-12pm*****WE ARE CLOSED SUNDAY*** IF OUR HOURS ARE NOT CONVIENT DUE TO YOUR SCHEDULE PLEASE CALL OUR STAFF WILL BE HAPPY TO SET UP AN AFTER HOURS VISITATION/ADOPTION. THIS IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Our adoption fee is $120.00. The adoption fee must be paid in CASH. We are unable to accept personal checks or credit/debit cards for adoption fees. ALL dogs/puppies adopted from our shelter will receive their parvo distemper vaccine, bordetella vaccine, rabies vaccine (if aged at 12 weeks or older), be dewormed with a 3 day course of panacur dewormer, be microchipped, receive their current Ohio dog license and will be spayed or neutered. ALL DOGS/PUPPIES WILL BE SPAYED OR NEUTERED unless a health issue prohibits the surgery from being performed. Not all dogs posted for adoption are spayed/ neutered yet. If you're driving a long distance to adopt, please verify that the vetting process has been completed and dog you're interested in adopting is still available for adoption. The above mentioned vetting is all included in your adoption fee. The adoption fee and what is included in the adoption fee is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Adoptions MUST be done at the pound and in person as there is paperwork to fill out and an adoption contract that must be signed by the adopter. This means you must be willing to travel to our shelter to adopt.

IF the dog you're interested in adopting has medical conditions or injuries which require medical treatment, we ask that you help with the medical bills so we can continue to help the dogs coming in who need additional vet care.

We are a county run shelter, therefore we cannot control our intake or the health or behavior of the dogs that come in to our shelter.

Although we try our hardest to place all of our adoptable dogs, there are certain circumstances in which any dog in our care could be euthanized at any time and without further notice (IE: sudden untreatable medical condition or injury, temperament or behavioral problems which may not be apparent when the dog first arrives, lack or space, etc.), therefore all dogs at our shelter should be considered urgent. The adoption of a more highly adoptable dog will mean more time for the less adoptable dog in the kennel next to him!

Shelter hours are: Monday-Friday: 8 am- 4 pm
Saturday: 9 am- 12 pm
The pound is CLOSED to the public on Sunday.
There is nobody in the office on Saturday and Sunday, so therefore we are unable to answer or return phone calls over the weekend.

Can't adopt a dog? We would love to have more volunteers who are able to spend time with our dogs! The dogs LOVE going for walks and the socialization and exercise helps make the dogs more adoptable.

***The Columbiana County Dog Pound listings on this site are maintained by volunteers and not shelter staff. Dogs are listed for Columbiana County with estimated dates which are extended if space is available.