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Was Euthanized on Jan 26, 2019
Pit Bull Terrier (mix breed)
Age: Young adult
Gender: Male
Size: Large
About fonsie: 3Y DOG N BLACK/WHITE AM PIT BULL TER/MIX East Shelter - E078 (Previously E285)

VET CHECK 12/20/18 07:08 Coughing, mild mucopurulent nasal discharge, BAR. Wt on 12/13 was 63.0#. Give 300mg Doxycycline PO SID x 14 days. 12/20/18 11:33 Not in kennel for AM dosage. 12/20/2018 Induced with TTDex _0.6___ml (5 ml cake 100 mg/ml Telazol to 2.5 ml 10 mg/ml Butorphanol + 2.5 ml 0.50 mg/ml Dextormitor). Maintained on Isoflurane. Tube size _10.5___.__1006__am Prescrotal incision. Closed technique, cords ligated with a Modified Miller's knot of ___0__ mono. 2-layer close: simple continuous SQ into a subcuticular skin closure with __0__ mono. Applied tissue adhesive over tattoo ink. Nemex __3__ ml PO (50 mg/ml Pyrantal), RV by __wj__. cleaned ears/nails trimmed. BCS = 5/9 Microchip placed Mucus observed on ET- already on doxy 01/03/19 16:00 Dog is BAR, no URI signs observed. URI appears to have resolved. 01/13/19 15:58 Viesselman Per volunteer, bloody diarrhea 01/14/19 06:35 Dog has moderate mucopurulent nasal discharge from the nares this morning. Dog just completed a 14 day course of Doxycycline on 1/2. Give 1 tablet 250mg Azithromycin PO SID x 7 days. Placing dog on NH Portal and marking DIS-MED. If URI fails to resolve dog will be placed on the E-list. Dog is also having diarrhea, no blood noted; please run a fecal exam. Give 750mg Metronidazole PO BID x 5 days. 01/14/19 15:02 Small amount of diarrhea present in front of kennel, no blood noted. Dog ate about half of the food offered during AM feeding. 01/14/19 15:20 Performed Fecal Float, no parasites or OVA seen.

01/18/19 12:01 Not in kennel for AM dosage 01/19/19 09:57 Dog has much mucopurulent nasal discharge, QAR, coughing. Much formed stool in kennel (suspect has been eating, but kennel being cleaned, so don't know for certain). Today is 5th dose of Azithromycin. Request plea. Marked as immediate need- was already placed on portal on 1/14. Place on E-list at recheck if URI not fully resolved.

01/21/19 07:06 Dog has a frequent deep cough, QAR. Dog completed 7 days of Azithromycin with no resolution of URI. Placing on E-list. 01/22/19 06:50 Coughing, QAR.
EVALUATION 12/15/2018 OBSERVATION barked at handler on approach; softened when kennel opened; ducked and snapped at leash in kennel; initially flinchy, then relaxed and jumped on handler; pulled away/thrashing when handler attempted to collar; growled on initial meeting with social male at fence; appeared to soften slightly with male and female at fence; rushed over, whining, when male and female began playing in adjacent yard; hypersalivating; sent back - try again

12/19/2018 EVALUATION easy kennel pull; walked on leash; in catch pen, started wiggling/wrestling away from handler during leash placement, appeared overstimulated/excited; jumped to solicit attention from handler; allowed petting; wide-eyed, stiff initially greeting social female dog (Serena); softened w/ play solicitation; in yard, greeted, reciprocated play, explored; social/selective; gentle dainty/GD+ may be better suited for ages 12+ due to energetic demeanor/jumping

***In 2017, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control - West Shelter took in 18,580 dogs. These listings are maintained by volunteers. This dog's status can change at any time. Foster/adopters save lives, and this dog will soon be out of time! Act quickly if you are interested in adopting. You must visit the shelter as soon as possible. Remember to bring the dog's ID number with you. For more information on adopting from Maricopa County visit their website https://www.maricopa.gov/148/Animal-Care-Control-Home