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Was Euthanized on Mar 7, 2019
Terrier (mix breed)
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Additional : altered
Additional : hasshots
About kudo: TO BE KILLED - 3/7/2019 ** THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE RESCUED. #TRUESTORY. Please help us share Kudo for that amazing second chance shelter pets yearn for. Kudo with her super cute face, smooth velvet coat, and butterfly ears, is trying her best to remain brave in a tragic scenario. She is found with whale eyes, crouching and trying her best to disappear. Like so many who are frightened, the reality of the shelter grips them so tightly, they can barely breath. It is these same souls who when rescued bloom into the most appreciative, happy and loyal companions. They are filled with emotion, which quickly converts to fear in a dismal shelter environment. Kudo is about 5 years old, mid sized and has that something special about her. She is alert, vibrant and healthy, despite landing in a most unfortunate place. She has a delicate, almost doe-like face, with an elegance about her. The shelter decided her fate, and time is quickly running out on her. We are so hoping someone notices her worth before she falls victim to the shelter. Please message this page if you can help beautiful Kudo. KUDO@MANHATTAN ACC Hello, my name is Kudo My animal id is #56021 I am a female tan dog at the Manhattan Animal Care Center The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old, 56 lbs Came into the shelter as a agency Feb. 28, 2019 Kudo is rescue only Kudo is at risk, new hope only determination, for behavioral reasons. Kudo has displayed distance increasing behaviors at the care center and has not allowed for any handling. While this behavior seems fear based, an interested rescue group should be prepared to provide behavior modification and reward based training with positive reinforcement. Medically, Kudo seems healthy.

***New York Animal Care & Control takes in 8,400 dogs a year. This dog's status can change at any time. Adopters and fosters save lives! Act quickly if you can help. When inquiring about a specific dog, be sure to reference the dog's ID number.

For information on adopting from NYCACC visit their website https://www.nycacc.org/

If a dog is listed as New Hope only, please contact an ACC New Hope partner that is accepting foster/adoption applications: http://www.nycacc.org/get-involved/new-hope/nhpartners