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Current status is unknown
Hound (mix breed)
Age: Young adult
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Shelter Information:
Indianapolis Animal Care Services
2600 S Harding Street
Indianapolis, IN
Shelter dog ID: 276578
Phone: 317-327-1397
Name: Rescue Only
About rover: **RESCUE ONLY** 276578 Rover, neutered male Hound mix, 9 mos. 40 lbs, heartworm negative. Rover is struggling with finding a suitable home willing to work through his "puppyhood". He was original surrendered by his owner for nipping the child in the home while on a walk. With us, he has been just a usual silly, frisky puppy who loves to play. We placed him up for adoption, and he was returned two different times for not minding and being mouthy. In one instance, he did bite when they were making him go into his crate. We have seen the mouthiness here, but we haven't seen any sort of aggression at all. He is young and spirited, but I found him no trouble really to handle. He needs training. He needs consistency. We do not want to give up on him. He is going to need some time in a foster home before he is adopted again to see just what he is all about and what his needs will be going forward in a home, so that his next placement will be successful.

***Indianapolis Animal Care Services takes in 8,000 dogs a year. The listings on this site are maintained by volunteers, not shelter staff. Due out dates are estimated and extended if the dog is still available. This dog's status can change at any time. Act quickly if you are interested in helping.

Dogs that are designated RESCUE ONLY are available to any approved IACS rescue partner, and are NOT available for adoption through Indianapolis Animal Care Services. If you are interested in a dog who is marked 'Rescue Only' please contact one of the approved rescue groups to let them know of your interest. You'll need to fill out an application with one of these rescue groups.

For information on adopting and rescuing from Indianapolis Animal Care Center visit their website https://www.indy.gov/agency/animal-care-services

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