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Dog lovers on all sides of the political fence rejoiced last week as President Elect Obama proudly announced his familyís desire to adopt a shelter dog! During his acceptance speech, in front of countless millions, Mr. Obama promised his daughters, Malia and Sasha, that the new puppy they have been begging for would accompany the family to the White House.

The Obama pup will join a long line of first dogs in the White House: George W. Bush has a Scottish terrier, Barney, while Bill Clinton had a chocolate Lab named Buddy. Lyndon Johnson liked to swing his beagle around by the ears - he was simply named Him.

According to, Malia has expressed her desire for a "goldendoodle," a hybrid of golden retriever and standard poodle. Michelle Obama indicated in an interview last month that the family would like to adopt a rescue dog. Mr. Obama says the new pup needs to satisfy two requirements: 1) hypoallergenic (apparently one of the daughters is allergic); and 2) a shelter dog.

Now you, our loyal supporters, get a second chance to vote! We ask that you contact the President Electís office and ask, pursue, even beg, that the Obamas adopt a dog from DogsInDanger. Imagine what it will do to the plight of dying pets if our new President proudly announced that his family chose to save a life while finding a great friend.

This dramatic action could move our mission forward by leaps even MILES! Act now and take advantage of this not-to-be missed opportunity. Get involved for the sake of dogs yet to die.

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