Why Donate to DogsInDanger.com

Animal lovers have long dreamed of a time when there would be no more homeless pets. DogsInDanger is run by a group of dedicated animal loving folks who want to help do what we can to save dogs on death row in municipal shelters by gaining them invaluable adoption exposure.

DogsinDanger.com is owned and operated by The Buddy Fund, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3 animal welfare organization dedicated to helping animals in need. DogsInDanger and The Buddy Fund have no sources of income other than your donations. The organization was founded in 2004 to aid animals in need, especially dogs. The DogsInDanger.com website is specifically targeted as a last resort for the millions of innocent dogs being killed each year in this nation's animal shelters.

DogsInDanger is the first project of The Buddy Fund and at this time, it is the main focus. We plan additional projects including symposiums bringing together leaders in the animal welfare community, a national television Public Service Announcement, canine intelligence research, canine cancer research, and legislative efforts aimed at elevating the legal status of companion animals.

Donations will be used to pay for the upkeep, development, technology, and marketing efforts that are required to maintain the complex DogsInDanger.com website. We assume that anyone donating to DogsInDanger (The Buddy Fund, Inc.) is encouraging the website, its reach (through marketing) and validity as a tool to get shelter dogs adopted and raise awareness of this issue. As a result of our efforts, dogs get adopted. One leads to the other and lives are saved.

Shelter Programs:
- Incentive Program $1 cash back to shelters for every at-risk dog listed with DogsInDanger. (Program Ended)
- Camera Program Donated 200 digital cameras to partner shelters. (Program Ended)

We are considering additional shelter programs at this time.

We filmed a national television Public Service Announcement ("PSA") with the goal of raising awareness of the issue and increasing lifesaving. View the DogsInDanger PSA .

We launched the DogsInDanger Radio Hour to tackle the tough issues facing companion animals.

Donations will be used for current and future animal welfare projects of The Buddy Fund, such as the ones mentioned above.

A note about spay/neuter programs: There are many organizations with a lot more funds than we have providing spay/neuter grants and services. We believe that spay/neuter programs are an essential piece of the solution to the homeless pet problem. We support and advocate low cost, no cost, and incentive, spay/neuter programs, however we do not fund spay/neuter programs. We seek new and different ways to address the issue of homeless dogs.

The Buddy Fund, Inc. is a federally recognized 501(c)3 incorporated in the State of New York and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Your donation is an invaluable contribution to ending the needless killing of dogs in shelters. If you have questions about your contribution and how it will be used, feel free to email us at info@thebuddyfund.org or call (917) 302-9193.

Your generous donation will help us see a day when dogs are no longer routinely killed simply because they do not have a home.

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