Your Stories


A dog lives, a dog dies, and so turns the wheel of shelter life. These stories of life were written by you, the fountains of life and love.

11/2/2010 Ana writes;
Thank you for helping Mikey and me find each other... read more.
9/18/2010 Courtney writes;
We drove an hour to meet him and fell in love... read more.
7/16/2010 Selina writes;
Today Cadett is a part of our family... read more.
6/28/2010 Courtney writes;
Thank you DogsInDanger for my precious gift... read more.
5/18/2010 Jessica writes;
Thank you for bringing this little blessing into our home... read more.
4/15/2010 Alison writes;
I could not let her die... read more.
3/25/2010 Karen writes;
When I saw her photo she had only 9 days left... read more.
3/17/2010 Christopher writes;
She is now 3.5 months and doing great... read more.
2/23/2010 Laurel writes;
Fred Claus has completed our family... read more.
1/11/2010 Debbie writes;
Sadie is happy to be in her new home... read more.
1/9/2010 RJ writes;
Rooney was adopted and now lives in Los Angeles... read more.
1/9/2010 Debbie writes;
Angel & Archie are now safe and happy... read more.
11/13/2009 Heather writes;
Zapper is a great little dog... read more.
11/14/2009 Vet writes;
Jenny was listed on Dogs in Danger... read more.
10/30/2009 Marilyn writes;
Honey is now a Canadian!... read more.
10/8/2009 Dawn writes;
I’m happy to report she is doing great!... read more.
6/24/2009 Cathy writes;
I wouldn’t have Tessie without DogsInDanger... read more.
6/23/2009 Teri writes;
Although I rescued her, she truly did rescue me... read more.
3/4/2009 Crystal writes;
Thank you dogsindanger for introducing us to our baby girl.... read more.
3/3/2009 Dawn writes;
I encourage everybody to adopt a shelter dog... read more.
2/27/2009 Amy writes;
I will always be forever grateful to Dogs in Danger... read more.
2/18/2009 Bonnie writes;
This little guy is hopefully going to live a long and happy life with us ... read more.
1/21/2009 K writes;
A scheduled enthanasia date of Jan.19th - my birthday... read more.
1/2/2009 Olivia writes;
I am so happy that I looked at your site... read more.
12/29/2008 Jaclyn writes;
Saved from Elizabethtown NC shelter... read more.
12/23/2008 Dawn writes;
This wonderful dog is thriving and is so loving and caring... read more.
12/21/2008 Brianne writes;
He is a very loving & smart dog... read more.
12/14/2008 Susan writes;
She is truly home for the holidays... read more.
12/14/2008 Patricia writes;
I spotted this little guy 11/22... read more.
09/27/2008 Michelle writes;
She is slowly coming out of her shell... read more.
09/25/2008 Betty writes;
Dahli is undoubtedly the sweetest, neatest, and best dog... read more.
09/24/2008 Mary writes;
We love our sweet pup... read more.
09/4/2008 Tiffany writes;
He's a very happy pup now... read more.
09/4/2008 Pam writes;
She is a great little dog... read more.
07/31/2008 Colleen writes;
Stella is adjusting to her new home ... read more.
07/20/2008 Jennifer writes;
I recently adopted a dog that I found on your site... read more.
07/02/2008 Brian writes;
When I saw "8" it was love at first site... read more.
06/26/2008 Lisa writes;
Maisy was adopted into a loving family... read more.
06/10/2008 Stacey writes;
I cannot tell you how happy I am that Marley found me... read more.
05/29/2008 Laura writes;
She has brought us a lot of joy... read more.
05/27/2008 Ruth writes;
She is a delight and makes me laugh every day... read more.
05/26/2008 Dorothy writes;
She now has a mommy and a husky brother... read more.
05/22/2008 Michelle writes;
We found our beautiful girl on your site... read more.
05/15/2008 Arielle writes;
She's the greatest dog ever... read more.
05/12/2008 Heather writes;
He is a wonderful little dog... read more.
05/11/2008 Shirley writes;
I adopted an Australian Shepherd mix from the shelter... read more.
05/10/2008 Laurie writes;
He's the best dog in the world and is so grateful to have a home... read more.
03/01/2008 Terese writes;
My daughter and I adopted Buddy, a blind chihuahua... read more.
11/03/2007 Margaret writes;
King has brought us so much love and joy... read more.
10/03/2007 Emily writes;
Harry is the perfect example of why you should adopt a shelter pet... read more.
05/02/2008 Alaina writes;
I thank you for my sweet soul I found because of you... read more.
04/30/2008 Jackie writes;
Pirate had a long trip to his forever home... read more.
04/25/2008 Christine writes;
Thank you for bringing Sonic into my life. ... read more.
04/22/2008 Paula writes;
Red and Brandon came from the Elizabethtown pound... read more.
04/23/2008 Jen writes;
I rescued Lily from Shafter Animal Control ... read more.
04/21/2008 Alison writes;
Prizzy is safe because of your site... read more.
04/20/2008 David writes;
We drove 2 hours and happily adopted the little guy yesterday... read more.
04/07/2008 Gillian writes;
I'm so thankful we were able to save our little guy... read more.
04/05/2008 Connie writes;
I rescued this little girl from Elizabethtown, NC... read more.
04/02/2008 Carol writes;
In early February we adopted Buddy from King William Pound... read more.
03/29/2008 Nicole writes;
I drove four hours to rescue "Dog #416" now named Sundae... read more.
03/26/2008 Elaine writes;
Missy was scheduled to be euthanized March 21... read more.
03/24/2008 Jennifer writes;
I adopted my dog Lia from read more.
03/23/2008 Phyllis writes;
Roxie was rescued from Tulare Animal Shelter... read more.
03/22/2008 Dusty writes;
My name is Dusty and I was rescued from Tulare Animal Shelter... read more.
01/05/2008 Edwin writes;
Thank you so much for giving us a dog who is so great and lovable... read more.