This week DogsInDanger launched our commentary section.  A section full of articles and thoughts about the current state of animal welfare worldwide.  Why after 14 years of just displaying the death dances of dogs did we decide to now feature the thoughts and concepts of leaders and authors? The answer brings us back to DogsInDanger's origins.  In a long and emotional discussion one night we came to the conclusion that what was most critical for dogs in the country was a central database listing.  Where the dogs were located and how close to death they were. Due to the natural patchwork of the legal fiber of our country, unless a national standard was to be set, each state was free to do or not to do as they pleased.  And you guessed it, they did not talk to each other.

Sensing this immediate need we launched  It did one thing and did it well.  It displayed thousands of dogs in shelters around the country, gasping for help, a lifeline. Sadly it also made for moribund reading! Only for so long could one peruse the images of these beautiful dogs without becoming depressed themselves.  Especially our unique 'in memoriam' section that gave homage to dogs that were killed.  If you're feeling good today, go to that section to quickly alter your outlook.

Still, even with the depressing content people were coming to our website...and we noticed leaving after a hefty dose of dying dogs.  We surmised that as animal lovers our visitors would like to be kept up to date on the latest activity.  Follow trains of thoughts and ideas in the animal related fabric of the country.  And we decided it would be a 'no holds barred' section; all ideologies would be welcome and treated equal.  This way, for the first time in 14 years, DogsInDanger would offer the public more than a list of dogs at death's door.

We hope you enjoy our commentary section.  We hope you will participate by submitting your own articles for publication.