Election day 2021 was not only memorable for the surprise dealt to the democrats in Virginia, it also brought to the New York city Mayor's office former Police Captain and avowed vegan Eric Adams.  To our recollection Mr. Adams is the highest elected official that adheres to a vegan eating principle.  Asked whether his veganism stemmed from animal rights or health orientation he replied 'I think it’s all connected. One of the big mistakes is that we believe there’s a disconnect when you look at what’s happening with the ozone layer and you look at what’s happening with climate change, what’s happening in the Amazon. It’s imperative to see that a plant-based diet is not only going to save our mothers and fathers but it’s also going to save Mother Earth.'

A former police captain Mr. Adams won the Democratic mayoral primary in New York during the June season.  Last night he overwhelmingly trounced his republican opponent in this very bluest of cities.  However having a vegan, a real practicing one, as it's mayor brings a new importance and focus to the entire food algorithm.

Frightened by a bout of diabetes approximately five years ago, Mayor Adams made the switch to veganism.  Now he is a complete convert. As he has pointed out multiple times, a plant based diet is good for you, good for the Earth and good for the animals.  Is there a downside?  No!  The only downside is that we are created to love meat and we will miss it.  Mr. Adams is a strong proponent of plant based diets 'The closer to the original form, the less processing, the better. I read the packaging of some of the so-called vegan options and I cringe. You need to read the labels.' he said.

For the nations largest city, home to almost 9 million people, to have an avowed vegan as their captain certainly points out how dramatically the world has changed. We welcome Mayor Adams with open arms and await his impact on changing what we eat and how we eat it. Just see what Mr. Adams considers his favorite guilty pleasure 'My three-ingredient ice cream: freshly made peanut butter, frozen banana, and cacao powder, and sometimes I’ll throw in some fruits and some nuts.'

Oh my, how the world has changed!