Animals give us so much. But, did you know animals serve as a bridge between the human existence and the esoteric realm?

Spirit Animals. Or Animal Totems.
The Native Americans trusted animals were are here to guide, teach and inform us. We all have animal totems. Think of which animals give you a “charge.” What are your favorite animals? How about your least favorites or those you’re afraid of, even? These become our spirit animals. Traditionally, each person may have a handful - perhaps a half dozen - totem or spirit animals who guide us throughout our lives. Typically, our spirit animals remain the same throughout our lifetime.

Have you ever noticed you see your “favorite” animal at just the right time? Or, perhaps your own pet gifts you with daily lessons and laughter? These are all guides given to us in our lifetime. They are here to answer the questions we ask. Personally, I like to offer up a situation I may be stuck on or a problem I’m unable to solve to the spirit realm and see what animal wise Mother Nature presents me with to help me out. Or, I’ll embark on a woods walk and ask the Universe what lessons I need to learn and what messengers I need on my current journey.

Spirit Animals are all over. Try not to overlook any animal on your quest of journeying through this life. You can call in your animal totems any time you need them; you can offer up anything you’re working with to your totems; you can trust the animal world is here serving you as guides, intuits and wisdom keepers.

Likewise, if you see an animal, stop for a brief time and wonder what you were thinking about just prior to seeing your animal. What was your energy reflecting? Were you calm and confident? Anxious or worried? Scared or angry? The animals gift us with balance to our energies. For instance, if I’m fearful and in a place of scarcity, I might see an owl fly across my headlights on an early morning drive to town, and the owl offers confidence and trust to me.

There are countless Web sites and books about Spirit Animals. I invite you to look into each and every animal you see in the next week and research what their wisdom and lessons are for you. I invite you to pay attention to any animal who comes across your path. I invite you to pause when you see an animal and ask yourself what state of mind you’re in, where your energy lies, and if you were offering any questions to the Universe. I invite you to take into account any and all creature who crosses your path, however great or small, and give thanks to them

Remember, your animal guide does not have to be living. Maybe you see several moose pictures in a week. Or you come across a cat photo and get a postcard with a cat on it. Pay attention to it all. Our animal guides present themselves in may ways. And, always remember, have fun with this! If animals teach us anything, its to have fun, be playful, and enjoy the small, quiet, beautiful moments in life.