As a 'make me feel good story', we want to tell you about the adventure Alan Russell, Mallory Harrigan and her boyfriend Cliff Russell had recently.  They were fishing off the coast of William’s Harbor, Labrador, Canada when they saw a little moving thing on an adjacent small iceberg. They went in for a closer look at to heir amazement they discovered an arctic fox, somehow stuck on the isolated iceberg.

There was nowhere for the fox to go on the tiny inlet and they all knew it would die a horrible death if they did not do something about it.  They decided to try and save the wild animal.  Alan drove the boat straight into the bottom of the iceberg and succeeded in collapsing it.  Of course the fox then fell in the water.  They then approached it with the boat and scooped him out with a dipnet.

The creature was in a total mess and scared for his life, so they put Foxie (our name) in a container, just till he could feel safe and warm up a bit.  Then the team returned ashore to a small uninhabited island full of little critters.  Foxie soon revived, specially when he was given a treat of Vienna sausages.

Video captured by the team shows the fox on the island, coming out of his cage and running away.  Just before he disappears off the camera, Foxie stops on a ledge and turns around to look at his rescuers.  He stands there for a minute, then turns and disappears.  We'd like to think Foxie was expressing his gratitude to the boat crew for saving his life.