Often, I wonder about us humans. What gives us the power to rule the Earth when so many other species are so much more connected and entrusted to her? Why do we continue to go further and further away from our Source - Earth? Why the disconnect?

Driving, the roadway is littered with animal carcasses. Headlights blare in my rear views as I slow during the waning hours of the day, my eyes darting left, then right, always on the lookout for critters crossing and I feel so alone on this quest, as if everyone else is in such a hurry and unconcerned with running someone over. Is it because insurance covers the damage to the vehicle? Is it because we truly do not care about the life of another species? Is it a dominance thing? How, I wonder, do we not see the interconnectedness of it all? How have we become so disconnected? 

Perhaps more importantly, how do we get back? What are steps you take daily to increase your awareness and your relationship to the non-human realms? What are further, daily, actions you can take in recognizing your own innate mammal and animal wisdom? 

For, how have humans forgotten we are indeed animals, as well? How can we re-relate to our animal friends? What can we learn from animals of all species that enhance and deepen our own, intrinsic nature? How may we support and even cherish our wild animals more?

I am asking you - what are the steps you can take today, right now, and always? How can you show up to be the change you want to see in the world? What will it take? What are you willing to sacrifice? How much do you want to deepen your connections?