He was filming "Don't Look Up" a film about a meteor disaster when real disaster struck Leonardo DiCaprio.  He had just adopted two Siberian Huskies.  The puppies can be a bundle as anyone that's been around Siberians knows well.  In any case, DiCaprio decided to bring the pups with him to the shoot set in Boston.  The puppies had never seen a frozen lake as they live in sunny southern California.  One of them got a bit too curious and fell in the lake. The actor saw what happened and without a flinch jumped into the icy waters to save his dog.  And save he did, but the second Husky now wanted in on the action, so he jumped into the lake as well, thinking this looked playful.  Di Caprio swam and saved the second dog as well.

Co actor Jenifer Lawrence said dad and dogs were cold but okay.  “Well, the other one started licking the one that was drowning, and then we all were in the frozen lake together,” said DiCaprio.  Just like the hero that saves his love in the blockbuster film Titanic, DiCaprio showed his humanity and selfless dedication by his courageous actions.

DiCaprio and his girlfriend, Camila Morrone, have three Huskies. The two that he brought on set are Jack and Jill, who the couple adopted in 2020 after fostering them. DiCaprio in 2019 once again showed his real life hero credentials when he jumped into the water after a man that had fallen off a yacht.  The man was about to drown when DiCaprio reached him and saved his life.

The adventure in the frozen lake around Boston could have turned tragic as freezing temperature can affect one's physical and mental capabilities within seconds.  Quickly muscles stop functioning and confusion begins.  This is one of the reasons that only 706 of the Titanic's 3,300 passengers and crew survived.  Most had jumped into the freezing waters to avert drowning and quickly perished.

Kudos to Leonardo DiCaprio for being a hero in real life as well as on the silver screen.