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Redbone Coonhound
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Size: Large
About redford: ***A note before reading about this dog: We are not vets so breeds, health, temperament and other information are to the best of our knowledge. We do not house cats or kids at our facility so we do not know how a dog will react to one. We offer no guarantees. If you are still interested, please read on: ***

Redford is a gorgeous dog and, besides ticks he came in with, he looks well taken care of. Redford is very friendly and his energy level is not as high as in some coonhounds. However, he does have spunk and likes to run a bit. Come visit this beautiful boy!

Redford is in a high kill shelter and dogs only have to be held for 72 hours if space is needed. If you are interested in looking at Redford please respond through e-mail. If you call it may not be answered in a timely manner. All e-mails will be answered the same day they are received. Redford's adoption fee is only $32. In addition, adopters qualify for a $75 spay/neuter certificate.

Dogs at the pound are strays and surrenders and are not health or temperament checked, although volunteers do spend time with them to get to know their personalities. Any dog from any pound can be infected with parvo or other contagious diseases and should be isolated from your pets at home until examined or tested by a vet.

The breeds listed are only our best guess. The dogs are photographed and posted by volunteers who make no claims as to the temperament, breed or age of any dog listed.

All emails are answered by volunteers, not the pound staff. Please be respectful to the warden as it is his cooperation that makes posting these photos possible.

Adoptions and rescues are first come, first served. The pound is rarely able to comply with requests to hold dogs.

Spaying and neutering offers your pet many health and behavior benefits and lessens the over population of homeless animals who must be euthanized at shelters! Please spay and neuter!