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Was Euthanized on Oct 7, 2020
Age: Senior
Gender: Male
Size: Small
About rocky: He is a 10 year old neutered male Miniature Schnauzer, estimated weight is 25lbs. He is a sweet boy who gets along well with men, women and children. He does not do well with other animals. He is kept mainly indoors, he is not housebroken. he deferred pet program asks owners to schedule an appointment to surrender their pets. The appointments are anywhere from 1-4 weeks and during this time we try to place the pets in homes/rescues, limiting their time at the shelter after surrender. The pets receive booster vaccines (DHPP, Bordetella, FRCPC) in order to vaccinate them against common disease. The information provided below is the information gathered from the owner about pets? behavior and habits at home. If an approved rescue is interested in a pet: Rescues must request a hold on the pet via email to helpmypets@miamidade.gov. All holds will be placed in the order at which the hold request emails are received. Once the owner surrenders the pet, the first rescue will be contacted. If the pet is not picked up by the date provided by the rescue department, the pet will be released to the next interested rescue or adopter. (There is a limit of 2 rescue holds per pet)

***On the sixth day that a stray dog is at the shelter it becomes available for adoption, rescue or being euthanized. Owner-surrendered dogs are available for adoption or rescue the day they arrive at the shelter, granted they are spayed/neutered. That can also mean, if the dog did not pass our health/temperament test, the dog can be humanely euthanized the day of arrival. Each dog, whether a stray or an owner-surrender, is optimistically given approximately 2 weeks on this website from the date it enters the shelter to find a forever home or the safety of rescue. Please act quickly if you are interested in this dog.

Unlike private shelters that have limitations on the number of pets they accept, we accept all dogs and cats. No animal is ever turned away. Each year our shelter takes in more than 14,000 dogs. Our goal is to reunite lost pets with their owners and find life long homes for as many animals as possible while providing proper care for them while they're at the shelter.

You may send an email to pets@miamidade.gov but keep in mind that your message will not be returned instantly and that time is running out for this dog. Interested adopters can also call 305-884-1101 for information about this dog's status, but adoption holds cannot be placed over the phone. ADOPTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED AT THE SHELTER. PLEASE WRITE DOWN THE DOGS ID# AND COME IN PERSON TO MEET THE DOG TO PLACE AN ADOPTION HOLD ON IT. You will then return on a specified date/time to pick it up after we spay/neuter, if it is not already altered.

THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT THE DOG YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED ONLINE WILL STILL BE AVAILABLE WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE SHELTER. If the dog you wanted is no longer available, please consider adopting another dog in our shelter. Each day there are over 300 loveable dogs and cats looking for a good home. We do not arrange transports and we cannot hold dogs.

DogsInDanger does not accept pledges. If you want to pledge for, or sponsor, a dog, contact the shelter.

For information on adopting from MDAS visit http://www.miamidade.gov/animals/

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