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Was Killed on Nov 1, 2021
Pit Bull Terrier
Age: Young adult
Gender: Female
Size: Large
About konny: 🚩🚩FINAL DAY TO LIVE---PER MAS 10/31--FINAL PLEA: Konny extreme pacing/kennel stress🚩🚩 🚩ADDED TO URGENT LIST 10/24🚩 Reason Urgent---- behavior; increasing kennel stress, pacing back and forth across the kennel 💢STRAY💢 MY NAME IS KONNY🐶 INTAKE 10/14 #MASA8759 #KONNY HW POSITIVE Black/White Female 2 years 6 months 46 lbs Intake 10/14 Review 10/18 Intake Subtype: Running at large Located at Memphis Animal Services (901) 636-1416 (ext. 2) MAS.RESCUE@MEMPHISTN.GOV www.memphisanimalservices.com
Memphis Animal Services takes in 7,000 dogs a year. The listings on this site are maintained by volunteers. Dates are extended if the dog remains available. This dog's status can change at any time. Act quickly if you are interested in saving this dog.

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For information on adopting from Memphis Animal Services visit their website https://www.memphistn.gov/animal-services/

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