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German Shepherd
Age: Young adult
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Additional : housebroken
Additional : specialneeds
About sandy: A5007175 Sandy is a distraught and tenderly sweet 2-year-old black male German Shepherd mix who entered the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center as a stray from Baldwin Park on October 29th. Weighing 42 lbs and perhaps needing to gain more (he's very slender), Sandy is, for lack of a better word, depressed. He came into the shelter after being hit by a car, and his shelter medical history says he had a superficial skin abrasion and was limping on his left rear leg. An x-ray showed a luxation of his left hip joint; he was given meds for the pain and to prevent infection. The shelter also says Sandy has a 2 of 6 heart murmur, which our information says is usually not a concern in a dog this young and is not likely to require medication. The shelter has said that Sandy's adopter/rescuer must sign a health waiver, which means they must promise to take him to an outside vet once he leaves the shelter. But our boy appears to be miserable, and he's not allowed to be taken out of his kennel (he's housed in the general population because he's too large for the cages in the medical building!). So we couldn't determine much about him except that he is scared by all the loud barking and other noises around him and shows signs of being in pain? head down, staying in a lying position, and moving as little as possible. Our volunteers sat in his kennel with him during the day, and he kisses a little and appreciates the pets and kind words; he also tries to go with them when they leave his kennel.

What's so telling about Sandy is that he exhibits absolutely no aggression in his pitiful state. He lies by the door in his kennel and moves his head gently to have you touch him through the bars. We think this beautiful and gentle dog will be a gem of an inside pet and loving family member once he's gotten the medical attention he needs, the rest he needs, and the care and love he needs to put sparkle back in his beseeching eyes.

If you are interested in Sandy, please contact his volunteer UHA adoption coordinator, Kristin, at 626-393-6258 or kristin@hope4animals.org.

***Los Angeles County - Baldwin Park Animal Shelter takes in 5,700 dogs a year. The listings on this site are maintained by volunteers. This dog's status can change at any time. Fosters and adopters save lives! Act quickly if you are interested in saving this dog. Visit the shelter as soon as possible. Remember to bring the dog's ID number with you.

DogsInDanger does not accept pledges. If you want to pledge for, or sponsor, this dog, please contact the shelter.

For information on adopting from Los Angeles County visit their website http://animalcare.lacounty.gov/

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