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Was Euthanized on Jul 8, 2019
Border Collie (mix breed)
Age: Under 6 months
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
About 2046: Code Red Sadly, this baby fell ill and has been euthanized.

**Big Spring Animal Shelter listings are maintained by volunteers. This dog is CODE RED and his/her status can change at any time. The shelter does NOT arrange transport. For transport suggestions, please email help@relocationrescue.com. You will be required to have transport, pick up or temp foster pre-arranged in order to adopt or tag for rescue. Please DO NOT call animal control unless to inquire about an animal, to adopt or to tag.

DogsInDanger does not accept pledges. If you wish to pledge for, or sponsor, a dog, contact the shelter.

For more information on adopting from Big Spring visit their website http://www.mybigspring.com/150/Animal-Control