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Was Killed on Jun 10, 2022
Main Photo of this Dog
Pit Bull Terrier (mix breed)
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Size: Large
About struts: Struts TS for Fri 6/10 and rescue only. Struts is a friendly, wiggly dog who happily approached every volunteer tonight w/some booty shake. He also met Cookie & was equally interested, polite & friendly (see videos). Butt scratches and rubs just send Struts into the happiest dance ever?He takes treats nicely. Struts does pull on leash as noted in the shelter TS notes, so we harnessed him initially and after his meets & walk outside, Struts said hello to 3 volunteers before hopping back into his kennel. Struts is seriously a very friendly dog caught in a euthanasia situation because he?s sick& the shelter is reducing capacity. Symptoms observed 6/7 by volunteer and handler: head shakes, coughing. Email lifesaving@acctphilly.org if you can foster theu rescue or your rescue can tag Struts. ACCT timestamp rationale & notes: Struts is an adult male mixed breed dog found as a stray. He has an ear infection (for which treatment has started) and a dry cough, which is most likely secondary to pulling on his leash but we have started him on treatment out of caution. Of more concern for Struts is that he has presented with a urethral prolapse. While he is currently stable, Struts urgently needs to leave the shelter as soon as possible with a rescue group that can get him to a full-service veterinarian for surgical correction for this issue before further damage occurs. Struts is a goofy, super social boy who loves to be close to you. He is motivated less by treats than by pets and verbal reward. He is very strong, and doesn't really get how strong he is, so he needs to be walked with a harness. Due to his high energy level and the fact that he can get overstimulated fairly quickly he should be in a household with no children. And whoever is on the receiving end of his love and affection should be prepared for a whole-hearted, full-bodied and full-tongued expression of affection! A115127
Philadelphia Animal Care and Control takes in 6,000 dogs a year. These listings are maintained by volunteers in an effort to increase lifesaving. The dogs that are Timestamped must leave the shelter prior to the date of their timestamp or they will be euthanized. This dog's status can change at any time. Act quickly if you are interested in adopting.

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