urgent dog in need of your help!
jack has -304 day left to live!
At risk to be killed: 2022-11-23   Reason: Space
Breed: Terrier (mix breed)
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Size: Medium hasShots,
About jack: Jack is a 4 yr old mix who just looks at you to help him and take him out of the shelter. He would be a good boy and a nice friend. Please don't leave him in the shelter. ⭐️ TRANSPORT IS AVAILABLE TO OTHER STATES! Elizabethtown, NC PLEASE READ: A Shelter Friend is NOT the county kill shelter. We post these pictures and videos in an attempt to network so that they may find an adopter or rescue. Some of these pictures are disturbing yet it would be even more disturbing to allow these animals to die without trying everything in our power to save them. Please help us do so. Share, pledge, beg rescues. We need all the help that we can get! Please CALL NOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR are interested in rescuing or adopting. ASF volunteer Silvia 910-876-0539 or Debbie: 339-832-0806 or email
Don't adopt just because you feel sorry for jack!
Adoption should be a well thought out decision, it's a lifetime commitment.