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dominic urgent
Was Euthanized on Feb 21, 2011
dominic urgent
Labrador Retriever (mix breed)
Age: Young adult
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
About dominic urgent: Dominic was PTS due to shelter space..... Look into Dominic's eyes. They are pleading with you to give him a chance. He is so hopeful that someone will see what a wonderful boy he is. Black dogs have such a hard time in the shelter. If you will only grant Dominic's greatest wish, a loving home, you will be giving him the greatest gift a dog could ask for. And in return, he will be your staunchest friend, your most loyal companion. Dominic is two years old, old enough to be out of his puppy stage. He is ready to go home with you! Please don't leave him to a horrible fate in the shelter. Call or visit to adopt him today! . .............................. Silvia can help you with this dog. Please call Silvia at 910-876-0539, or email her at: bladenpets@yahoo.com. She can help you with any/all details about the dog. If busy, please try again. Our dogs all deserve to be saved and loved.+++NOTE+++, the shelter is PUTTING DOGS DOWN at Any Time!!! Please don't wait to call or visit!!+++++++++++ **** TRANSPORT IS AVAILABLE REASONABLY!**** If you are unable to adopt, please consider sponsoring. We are able to transport weekly up north. All the way from North Carolina to New England. Transports to other parts of the country can be arranged as well. .+++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Animal Control Facility for Bladen County, North Carolina IS a KILL-shelter, so the animals seen here have a limited time to be available, so please don't wait if you think you could help. ++++++++++++++

***The shelter is FULL. Please don't leave this dog there. Call Silvia and Debbie now... Silvia is 910-876-0539 and Debbie is 339-832-0806. If Silvia's mailbox is full, you can Text her. Transportation is generally available up and down the East Coast from NC, VA, MD, NJ, PA, NY and the North East.