Education Corner

The ONLY WAY to end the killing. What We Need:
  • Shelter reform.
  • To shut down puppy mills.
  • Low cost and no cost spay/neuter.
  • Laws requiring shelters to advertise their dogs on the internet.
  • Laws requiring shelters to reach out to rescues before killing.
  • Laws restricting euthanasia to those that are irremediably physically suffering.

 No Kill Philosophy
The goal of the No Kill Movement is to end killing for all animals who are not irremediably physically suffering.

 Dog Adoption
Read these articles BEFORE you adopt!

 Dog Behavior and Training
Resources for common dog behavior and training issues by leaders in the field

 Puppy Mills
Learn more about the "for profit" industry contributing to the homeless dog problem

 Spay Neuter
Spay/neuter is a critical part of any successful lifesaving plan.

Thinking about fostering a dog?

Transport Resources
Click here for a list of volunteer groups and commercial services that do dog transport.