There are no dogs matching your search criteria.

Why, you may ask?

If you searched for a specific breed, it may well be that breed is not available in the area you searched.

If you searched "Any Breed" and did not find any dogs, this is most likely NOT due to a lack of urgent dogs in your area, but rather because the shelters killing dogs in the area you searched have opted not to participate in DogsInDanger. Even though we reached out to EVERY shelter in this country, there are entire states with no dogs listed, not because dogs are not dying in those states, but because those shelters don't want to list their dogs.

We encourage concerned citizens to contact their local shelters and the government officials who are responsible for the animal control facilities. Ask them why the local shelters are not registered with Urge them to take advantage of this free lifeline for shelter dogs facing death. If even one life is saved by using our adoption service, wouldn'ít it be worth it?

If you need a list of local politicians, we can help! Select your state below and we will provide you with the names and email addresses of your local politicians.
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For other help contact us at Thank you for caring enough to make a difference.

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