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Nestle CEO announces the benefits of plant based foods
Republicans Plan to Overturn All Animal Protections With One Law
EATS Act Will Wipe out All Animal Farming Regulations in the Nation
Saying goodbye is never easy, but saying it at home helps
At home euthanasia services bloom in the wake of COVID
State announces puppy mill inspections in advance: 'Let's do Wednesday at 10:30'
Inspectors bring shame to the word 'inspection'
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Jeffrey Nally goes from nasty to bad to worse
Why Have Commentary on a Dying Dogs Website?
It's about time, that's why!
Live Animal Markets Should Be Closed to Prevent the Next Pandemic
Wet markets are perfect breeding grounds for pathogens that can jump from animals to humans.
For the love of animals: High suicide rates reflect the many stresses of veterinarians
Rates for suicide amongst veterinarians running high
Pleased to meet you, Hope you guess my name
An ancient story for my most cherished friends
Sniffing out the waves: Doggy surfing contest brings smiles to spectators
Surfs Up!
Lost pet network finds Garden City dog 300 miles away
Ready for some good news? This is Ashley's story.
Vaccinating domestic dogs reduces rabies in the wild. Why this matters
Vaccinating domestic dogs is a successful and cost-effective way to prevent rabies in dogs.
State hits puppy mill owner with $20k fine and license suspension
Iowa goes after puppy mill operator
Can animals sense when an earthquake is about to happen?
Animals may simply be much better than us at detecting tiny vibrations or sounds in the ground.