The German government has approved a law that will ban the culling (killing) of male chicks effective January 1, 2022.  For the uninitiated, first a summary of Egg 101, the University course you never attended.  When a chicken lays a fertilized egg there is a 50% chance that egg will lead to a male chicken, of course.  The eggs that are eaten are laid by chickens when they are NOT pregnant.  Once impregnated, those eggs are to grow into full size chickens that will then lay more eggs for us to eat at breakfast.  Unable to lay eggs, the male chicks of egg-laying breeds are considered useless. What about the colonels fried chicken recipe you ask?  Well male chickens are not meaty enough, plump enough to let grow to full maturity, commercially not viable.

So what do they do with the male chicks?  They dump them live and chirping into a macerator on the first day of their lives.  What's a macerator? It's a giant metal grinder, like your food processor except worse.  It makes mincemeat of live baby chicks in seconds.

Every year, up to 300 million male chicks, just hours old, are killed in the United States and as many as 7 billion chicks globally. Germany killed an estimated 45 million male chicks last year alone.  Europeans became aware of their inhumanity in 2019 when both France and Germany announced they would make moves to make the practice illegal.  German agriculture minister Julia Klöckner marked the new law “a significant step forward for animal welfare.” She added: “We have invested millions of euros in alternatives, bringing animal welfare and economic efficiency together on German soil.”

Germany is counting on new technology that will allow farmers to determine the sex of an egg days before hatching.  But as part of the new law in Germany, the sex identification of embryos will only be permitted up to day six. This comes into effect from 2024. These measures have been imposed after research established that chickens are sentient after their sixth day in the egg.

How ironic that the country best known for gassing humans in World War II is now the first country on the planet to outlaw this inhumane practice on little chicks.  “France and Germany should be the European motor to advance on this issue. Nothing will be like it was before.” said France's Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume.  Of course German farmers complained that this will add to their costs and make their product less competitive.  The exact same arguments every other country has cried.

And what about the great United States of America?  Are we also on the precipice of doing away with such barbaric practice?  The answer, sadly, is a great big NO!  US Department of Agriculture is controlled by big agra.  There is not a drop of humanity or kindness in them.  The chances that such a law as in Germany and France will pass DC is less than the chances you will see todays dead man walking tomorrow.  The practice of chick culling is kept well out of the public eye. Mainstream media always tows the line by not reporting on it and the farmers just keep on feeding the macerator with gentle fuzzy little chicks, all happy to have come alive chirping their way to oblivion.

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