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Was Euthanized on Mar 24, 2020
Pit Bull Terrier (mix breed)
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
About tommie: Animal ID 43866119 Species Dog Breed Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix Age 6 years 28 days Gender Male Size Medium Color Grey/White Declawed No Housetrained Unknown Site Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia Location Kennels Intake Date 2/20/2020 ARN TS 03/22, 5:30PM Stage Timestamped TOMMIE 43866119 is currently considered urgent and at risk of euthanasia due to behavior concerns. Tommie is available for placement only to RESCUE and must have confirmed placement by MARCH 22nd 5:30PM. Tommie urgently needs to leave the shelter because he has demonstrated a tendency to become over-aroused during interactions with stiff body language and growling. Tommie also has a history in his previous home of similar behavior as well as bites to another household dog and multiple redirection bites to a human. Confirmed placement is considered confirmation of an actual rescue pull. Possible placement, interested parties, and other "TBD" statuses are not considered confirmed and do not indicate an animal is no longer urgent. If you are an adopter interested in this pet, you must connect with a rescue partner that is willing to pull on your behalf. ACCT Philly is located at 111 West Hunting Park Ave in Philadelphia. We are open for adoptions 7 days a week. Please visit www.acctphilly.org/adopt for details. !!! ONLY Available to Love Local Partners with ACCT Philly !!! TOMMIE A4386619 Intake Type: Owner Surrender 2/20 -- Bite History Weight: 66.40 lbs Medical Observation: (3/1) NRO (2/27) URI (2/27) Dirty Coat, does not like muzzle Behavior Observation: (3/17) Volunteer - Tommie was easy to leash and walked nicely on a leash. He did fixate on any strangers we passed (freezing, stiff body, very difficult to redirect). In the play yard, Tommie spent the majority of the time standing at the fence, fixated on people. After about 5 minutes, he came to me and solicited pets. He quickly climbed on my lap, rolled over for me to pet his belly, and gave face kisses. I was sitting on the A-frame petting Tommie when a young boy and another volunteer came to the fence to observe. After about a minute Tommie suddenly put his head on my lap and began low growling. The growling continued for about 30 seconds, during which time I didn't touch him or move. The other volunteer backed away from the fence and asked the child to do the same. I stood up after a minute and Tommie went back to soliciting pets with a loose body. (3/5) Per Lifesaving - He was easy for me to leash, but very strong on leash. He did well around staff people, but hyper-fixated on members of the public in the parking lot. His body language was wiggly, but highly aroused (full body wagging with overall muscle tension and dilated pupils). He would chase balls, but not fully engage in play. He was jumpy and grabby for treats, but did "sit" on occasion. I only threw treats due to grabbiness. He rubbed his body on my legs periodically, but would whip around if lightly touched, and overall his degree of over-stimulation made me uncomfortable testing full body handling. He was half engaged with handlers and half perimeter tracing, then hovering by fence door after ~10min. (2/27) Per vet nurse - He was removed from kennel easily, allowed all handling, but did not like being muzzled: backing up and thrashing a bit. When muzzle was released, dog was friendly with no signs of redirecting. Dog sat on the scale easily and KA reports that Tommie went right back into his kennel on his own with no issue. (2/26) lifesaving -- Easily removed from kennel, attempted to greet other dogs while walking in kennel. Outside, pulls heavily on leash. Appeared to become wide-eyed and stiffen when strangers walked by. Overall easily handleable and returned to kennel although did not attempt to remove sliplead fro (2/22) Management -- Unable to remove from kennel for check in. At front of kennel, whale eyed and hard barks snaps at kennel door when assessor approaches. (2/20) Owner- protective, active, quite, sensitive, nervous, calm, aggressive to strangers, affectionate, playful, likes to be brushed,fights with other dogs, comes when calls, walks on leash, jumps on people, destructive,- scratches/digs. Lived with 6 and 7 year old. Knows sit and paw. Good on leash. Lives with 1 other dog. Concerning behaviors: animal aggression and to strangers. Happens at random times. Tramadols help to improve behaviors. Owner stated dog drank liquid drainer and burned his mouth back in December and he was seen by a vet for it and cared for but she says ever since than he's been a bit off balanced the doctors even gave tramadols due to him not being to friendly to people and them not being able to manage him at the clinic ++Bite Details (2/20)Dog has a bad habit of being dominate to her female pit/mastiff and he was doing such attacking her and her mother was walking in from taking out the trash and the dog changed he's direction of attack to her on both wrist trying to continue the attack till owner had to break it up. Level 4 Bite. Sought medical attention.

***Philadelphia Animal Care and Control takes in 6,000 dogs a year. These listings are maintained by volunteers in an effort to increase lifesaving. The dogs that are Timestamped must leave the shelter prior to the date of their timestamp or they will be euthanized. This dog's status can change at any time. Act quickly if you are interested in adopting.

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