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Was Euthanized on Jul 15, 2021
Pit Bull Terrier (mix breed)
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Size: Large
About kano: Kano is a volunteer favorite who's timestamped for Thursday, 7/15@10:00am for kennel stress. He's having increasing difficulty tolerating the kennel environment and is demonstrating mouthing behaviors to hands when attempting to leash him in kennel. This resulted in a small nip to a staff member's hand when they attempted to leash him in kennel. He has become so frantic to leave the kennel that he hasn't been able to calmly wait while being leashed-a behavior that he used to do. He's a good dog. He needs out of the kennel environment and a calm home to decompress. Please email lifesaving@acctphilly.org if your rescue can pull or if you can foster through rescue. Kano ACCT-A-92385 Dog - Terrier, Pit Bull Sex : Male Age : 4Y / 1M Weight : 68.00 lbs Location: Large Dog Kennel, A4 Kano ACCT-A-92385 is currently considered urgent and at risk of euthanasia due to behavioral concerns. Kano urgently needs to leave because he is deteriorating in-shelter. He has "happy tail" consistently, and is having trouble keeping weight on -- appearing notably thin due to stress. One morning during cleaning, Kano bit a staff member as they were trying to leash him. This was a very brief interaction but Kano appeared overstimulated possibly due to cleaning happening around him, panting heavily. Due to this incident, he is on a bite quarantine for rabies observation. He will need to go to a rescue prepared to manage these behaviors seemingly related to stress. Confirmed placement is considered confirmation of an actual rescue pull. Possible placement, interested parties, and other "TBD" statuses are not considered confirmed and do not indicate an animal is no longer urgent. ACCT Philly is located at 111 West Hunting Park Ave in Philadelphia. We are open for adoptions 7 days a week. Please visit www.acctphilly.org/adopt for details.

***Philadelphia Animal Care and Control takes in 6,000 dogs a year. These listings are maintained by volunteers in an effort to increase lifesaving. The dogs that are Timestamped must leave the shelter prior to the date of their timestamp or they will be euthanized. This dog's status can change at any time. Act quickly if you are interested in adopting.

Dogs designated 'ONLY Available to Love Local Partners with ACCT Philly' need an approved rescue to pull them and a foster home to care for them. If you can help, email lifesaving@acctphilly.org

DogsInDanger does not accept pledges. If you wish to pledge for, or sponsor, a dog, contact the shelter.

For information on adopting from ACCT Philly visit their website http://www.acctphilly.org

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