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Was Killed on Sep 14, 2023
Main Photo of this Dog
American Hairless Terrier
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
About marjorie: 9/6 Stray | Female | Staffie mix | 8Y | 38lbs | HW+
#1 Marjorie is so sweet and remarkably spunky for her age! Maybe it?s also due to her petite size, but I thought she was a lot younger. Did great in a temp test with Petunia who was very shy. No nose to nose contact was allowed, but Marjorie still got in a few polite sniffs and tail wags. She was very easily redirected by the ACT whenever they got too close, her tail constantly wagging. She is also one affectionate pup, leaning her head against my legs and looking like she wanted to hop into my lap when I gave her treats. Gentle mouth! She does not like to be left alone and let me know when I left her for a bit. Definitely something going on with her leg, she hops around.
#2 Very sweet girl- seems older and has very worn teeth. She has derm but was also covered in fleas. She limps and has an injury to her RR leg. She didn?t need any restraint and kept a wagging tail for everything.
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