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Was Killed on Sep 15, 2023
Main Photo of this Dog
American Staffordshire Terrier
Age: Senior
Gender: Male
Size: Large
About jiffy: 9/12 Stray | Male | Staff Mix | 7Y | 50lbs | HW+
I loved him! He rushed up to the kennel door once i opened it which made me a bit nervous because i wasn?t prepared but once i had the lead looped, he dressed himself and out we went for a loose walk around the ward. Jiffy is such a sweet old man, he takes treats with just his lips, avoiding getting your fingers or palm, and loves to sit up so straight and tall, making himself look bigger than he is. Like many other Houston strays, Jiffy needs so much help to bring out the glory of his yesteryears. His coat is patchy and mostly missing down around his hips, flanks and tail; he?s got an armadillo butt highlighted by flaking skin; his ears have been cropped to hell but seem okay inside; and he?s got a mass dangling from his belly. Hems still on stray hold so we couldn?t go outside or interact with any dogs, but in walking him around the ward, he seemed very friendly and showed no signs of negative or unwanted behavior. I?d love to see this gent getting out of BARC in a jiffy!
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