Many volunteer pet transport services utilize multi-leg transports, meaning several volunteers each drive one or more portions ('legs') of the trip. Transporting in this manner can be very stressful for dogs. And each time a dog is transferred to a new person and vehicle, there is risk of injury or escape. While multi-leg transports are the only option in some cases, we strongly encourage you to use caution when considering this type of transport.

DISCLAIMER: The inclusion of a service, organization or program in this listing is NOT an endorsement or recommendation. We have not checked them all out. Even if we attempted to do so, management and policies can change suddenly. We strongly suggest that you check them out yourself before using a specific transport service.

Name Description
Pilots N Paws Pilots N Paws is a 501c3 non-profit organization. This site is intended to be a meeting place for those who rescue, shelter or foster animals, and volunteer pilots and plane owners willing to assist with the transportation of animals.
Rescue Express Rescue express is a free transport service for shelters and rescue groups to relocate homeless animals from overpopulated states, to states that have a shortage of available adoptable animals.
Doobert Doobert is about bringing together Animal rescue volunteers and Rescue and shelter organizations to save animals.
Dog Transport Volunteers Dog Transport Volunteers is a group for animal lovers who want to help pull from shelters, overnight/temp foster animals and help with transports or rescue functions
Dog Rescue Railroad Rescue transport
Transport Express National network of individuals who help transport, pull and temp foster animals in high kill shelters
Help Us Get Safe Group for posting for transports, home visits, dogs in need of assistance, for example- shelters may post the dogs that they have in their shelters with the hope that someone might be able to help even one dog get to safety
Seabord Transporters Loop This group is for NEW and SEASONED Volunteer DRIVERS to meet and help each other who live in the Eastern States, from Maine to Florida.
Rolling Rescue Transporters RollingRescue is a place for rescues needing transport and transport volunteers to find each other. Our mission is to recruit truckers, RVers, commuters and anyone else who travels to the network that helps to move rescued animals to safety in a rescue or from a rescue to their new adoptive homes.
NC Region Interstate Transport NC has 3 main interstate highway systems running through it. I40, I85 and I95. This group is dedicated to collecting rescue volunteers who work in transporting animals using these systems as their main routes.
I495 Rescue The purpose of this group is to identify the dogs in shelters in Southern VA, Western MD and WV that are in danger of being PTS and rehome them to the many homes available in the DC Metro Area
CA Rescue Railroad The purpose of this list is to network animal lovers through out California and neighboring states in an attempt to transport dogs in need to new homes, rescue groups, etc.
Gas Chamber Rescue Transport This board is to get dogs from EVERY GASSING Pound in North Carolina to their forever or foster homes.
Miami Dade Rescue Railroad Miami-Dade Rescue Railroad (MDRR) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization (made up entirely of animal-loving volunteers) that rescues and transports dogs and cats from Miami-Dade Animal Services, to no-kill facilities and foster homes throughout the state of Florida.
Rescue Transport This list is dedicated to the transportation of Rescue animals. It is a resource in the transportation needs of rescue animals.
Animal Transports This list group is for those wonderful animal angels that devote their time, energy and hearts to transporting animals from shelters, rescues, and abusive situations to a loving home or the safety of a protective rescue!
Paws Claws Rescuers Transporters This list group is for the posting about Animals that need help with being Rescued and/or Transports to a safe home.
Dog Transport This list is for assisting rescues and shelter in finding drivers to take dogs to rescue/forever homes
IMOM Express IMOM-Xpress is a list used by volunteers to arrange the transport of companion animals. We do not arrange transports ourselves, but publish requests for transports that are organized by rescue groups
TRUCK-N-PAWS Transport List for pets in need, especially puppymill dogs needing to get to their forever homes
Rescue Angels On Wheels We are a group comprised of Rescuers who transport, Transporters who rescue, AND the Big Hearted Animal Loving volunteers willing to help with both. We assist APPROVED Rescue Groups with transport TO the safety of Rescue and FROM Rescue to Adoptive Homes. We are an ALL BREED Transport Group
Illinois Animal Transporters This groups sole intention is to transport rescued animals thru the state of Illinois. From shelters or animal controls, to foster care or their forever homes.
Louisiana Animal Transport Volunteers This group is for area HOMELESS, not personal pets, that need to get to a rescue or adoptive home. FROM the Shreveport/Bossier area to rescues in and around this area and other states.

Paws Without Borders PWB Transport, Inc was founded by a family with a strong love and commitment to the well-being of dogs and animals. Many dogs are in shelters around the country and are waiting to be rescued by a loving new family. PWB Transport, Inc helps deliver these animals to their new homes around the country safely and securely. The animals are always handled with love and care, as we know you would want them handled. Our commitment to the safety of our animals is paramount, and you can rest assured knowing that your animals will be well-cared for during the entire transportation process.
Pet Relocation Traveling halfway around the world is tough, and fetching the paperwork and jumping through the required hoops of moving your friend to a foreign country only adds to the challenge. Our pet relocation veterans will ensure the entire process runs smoothly, from paperwork and immunizations, to a safe flight and personalized, door-to-door pickup and delivery. We make your move exactly what it should be: a walk in the park.
Pet Air Pet Air has been shipping your pets and animals for over thirty years. We provide services to breeders, hobbyist, zoos, rescue organizations, individuals relocating or vacationing, and many other groups. We offer several types of services including Airport to Airport Service.
International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) International Pet and Animal Transportation Association was founded in 1979 to provide professional, competent and caring pet transportation relocation services throughout the USA and around the world. An international network of concerned pet shippers, the collective membership of IPATA represents many years of experience in the transportation and care of animals. IPATA's membership has grown from six U.S. pet shippers to over 350 offices in over 80 countries with services to all major airports worldwide.
Flying Paws Any organized rescue group, veterinarian or recognized animal care organization may contact Flying Paws concerning transport of their special needs animal. Flying Paws will NOT transport to any KILL, PET STORE, RESEARCH or BREEDING facility.
Shelly Adams' Furbaby Express (SAFE) At S.A.F.E. our mission is to provide you and your precious furbaby a safe, affordable and reliable experience. We vow to treat your pet as we would our very own. We will stay in constant communication with you as we transport your pet to his/her destination.