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Pit Bull Terrier
Age: Young adult
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
About a1770454: Showing signs of kennel stress. Unable to safely group house in shelter environment. Needs immediate exit. A1770454 Description: I am a male, tan Pit Bull Terrier. Age: The shelter staff think I am about 2 years and 4 months old. More Info: I have been at the shelter since Nov 21, 2023. https://www.facebook.com/reel/1325044272229936/?s=single_unit&__cft__[0]=AZXOVInKtxrlLZ-6eQ8Sz-8NT1wrf_tvEQu-WmUMuJX3wOYmAz-pEpWVjjzDh60CAc6va6tHoJqHRPdv-b0k2psY99PyG-WFtpYX8xOzVbq2vdNmO90ob7Mh2Dv501_mkXMirX9wAo_EGo-g9a5x37u0zqFv-OxCM8NeoK0xp0ri0g&__tn__=H-R
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