DogsInDanger Transport is a tool that can be used to map the transport of any DogsInDanger dog from the shelter to anywhere in the U.S. Adopters, rescuers and volunteers can map trips to freedom.
Once registered, you can create a trip, or join in to help others transport their dogs.
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NOTE: DogsInDanger does not transport dogs. This is a trip mapping tool, with a database of drivers. It is not the intent of DogsInDanger to coordinate or arrange those providing these valuable services, but to provide the environment in which those involved can come together in a common place and arrange or schedule rescue trips. Adopters need to first seek approval from the shelter that has the dog. Currently the transport tool is limited to dogs listed on There is a Transport button on each dog's web page to start trip map creation. When a trip is created, the system automatically notifies drivers in the region of the route.
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