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Everyone's Blood Runs The Same Red

A while back DogsInDanger was interviewing renowned theologian Dr. Laura Hobgood-Oster on a WABC radio show about animals and religion. A fascinating discussion transpired. We were talking about how the Bible speaks of Paradise, prior to Adam and Eve's original sin. Dr. Hobgood-Oster explained that it is commonly accepted by most theologians that Adam and Eve were vegetarians. Paradise was a strictly vegetarian land. Recall how the lion and the lamb lay together in peace and harmony. A posture reversed by their committing the original sin.

A most remarkable point in the interview came when we began discussing how the Bible describes Gods' pronouncements as he evicts Adam and Eve from Paradise and reverses their immortality.  According to Dr. Osgood "it is the belief of many theologians that God curses humanity".  We were all speechless for a moment as we let that sink in and then repeated, "God curses humanity?"  She said yes, this is the interpretation most theologians have taken of what the Bible describes as the exodus from Paradise.

Curses and eviction does not exactly abide with the Christian belief that God loves humans eternally thus we were "made in his image."  And that God's adoration of us is so immense that he/she forgives all our indiscretions all the time and blows kisses before saying good night.  Ever ask yourself, "Why does God love humanity so much?"  Maybe it's because we hate and destroy everything we touch.  Or possibly it's because our insatiable greed and jealousy is so admirable.  Could it be our love of death and destruction that is particularly appealing to God?  Certainly, the deity that created "the meek shall inherit the Earth" must adore how we decided all creatures besides ourselves are lowly beasts, put on Earth to obediantly serve us.  Thus we give ourselves permission to exterminate 10 Billion lives a year (yes, that's with the BIG B).

All this discussion of God and his/her motives leads us to an inexorable question; if killing and eating animal flesh is so revolting, then why did God make animal flesh so flavorsome to the human pallet?  The answer is surprisingly simple, it's all part of being cursed (yes, remember that)!  Imagine a vegetarian world where neither the lions nor humans desire the taste of flesh.  Then one day our overlord becomes angry at us and reverses the rules.  We suddenly love dead flesh, as well as killing, robbing, lying and other human niceties. Does that sound pretty accurately like someone being cursed?

Can we ever return to the good graces of God?  This small website will not profess to know the answer to such weighty questions.  We can't even confirm or deny the existence of God. But we do know that all the animals and all the humans bleed the same color red.  We all have the same organs.  And we all feel love, pain and fear.  Does the path to God's grace pass through a humanity that has forced itself into pre expulsion behavior?  No killing, animal or human, and yes, no killing in war either.  Killing was never meant to be an honor! And less lying, less thieving and less greed.

Maybe the only way we humans avoid extinction, whether by the climate or weapons, is by listening to what is written in a very ancient book, about a period when humans were immortal and the Earth was at peace.

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To Be Rich in a Poor Man's Land
Animal Charities in the Forever Beggar Role
The New Westchester SPCA Animal Rescue Center

Of all charities, the least well-funded and perennially broke are the animal charities. Thousands of kind hearted people caring for more than their own skins battle every day for dollars against the behemoths of the nonprofit world. Consider the algorithm at play. A charity like the Alzheimer's Foundation can raise millions upon millions, mostly from the 11% of 65+ aged that have the disease and their families. As they begin the process of decay and as their loved ones see the deterioration, what action can they take but to donate?

This is the model for almost all charities. Self-interest propels the fundraising. You have cancer, give to the Cancer Fund. You are worried the environment will make your children's life miserable, give to the Sierra Club. And on and on it goes. There are a myriad of charities for every human ailment there is, and they all do well. The exception to the rule are the animal welfare charities. Not directly impactful on human lives, animal charities are the 'leftover crumbs' of the giving world.

This is why when we noticed the new $9 million dollar Rescue Center for the Westchester Country SPCA we were in awe. In the animal world where people are gravelling for pennies, here was a new home built from ground up to house 250 pets. Wow, what it must be like to be a God in a Godless land. There are actually only four animal charities that garner any sizeable donations... PETA, ASPCA, HSUS and Best Friends. Other than these four, everyone else works on pennies and hearts. And it takes a great big special heart to give of yourself with no funding and no self-interest motivating you.

In their desperation for funding, many charities have turned now to a disaster model. More emotionally-driven, they rely on the outcry from pathetic cases i.e., 'Save this dog that was dragged behind a truck and set on fire' garner a lot of attention and a lot more of donations. Social media is good at rallying support around these extreme cases. Cries to 'help us save him' on social media seem to be the only guilting that work. Sadly the animal often dies despite best efforts, because many of these cases are so extreme. Even if saved, vet bills topping $5,000 are not unusual. But this is the model that works, thus it's the model everyone has adopted. The lion's share of donations go to saving a few extreme cases. Meanwhile, thousands of animals are silently killed every day in socalled 'shelters'.

The place animals hold in the hierarchy of society is a perplexing one. To most, they are considered lower than humans and yet higher than plants and insects. They are mammals and have human feelings and emotions, unlike insects and plants. Many consider the treatment of these creatures at human hands to be unacceptable, but then again so are the horrors of war and other human made degeneracies. Sensing a duty to this 'middle world' we have created charities to help animals. No such item exisits for plants or insects. Sadly our caring has not extended to ensure sufficient funding of these efforts.

Yes, Virginia, money can buy life! And the lack thereof results in death whether animal or human. The wrangling and twisting animal well-wishers have to do in order to be selfless is a metaphor for the ills we humans carry into the 22nd century. Unless one fears metamorphosing into a cat or cow one day the people that love our animal friends are condemned to the life of the beggar.

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Why Have Commentary on a Dying Dogs Website?
It's about time, that's why!

This week DogsInDanger launched our commentary section.  A section full of articles and thoughts about the current state of animal welfare worldwide.  Why after 14 years of just displaying the death dances of dogs did we decide to now feature the thoughts and concepts of leaders and authors? The answer brings us back to DogsInDanger's origins.  In a long and emotional discussion one night we came to the conclusion that what was most critical for dogs in the country was a central database listing.  Where the dogs were located and how close to death they were. Due to the natural patchwork of the legal fiber of our country, unless a national standard was to be set, each state was free to do or not to do as they pleased.  And you guessed it, they did not talk to each other.

Sensing this immediate need we launched  It did one thing and did it well.  It displayed thousands of dogs in shelters around the country, gasping for help, a lifeline. Sadly it also made for moribund reading! Only for so long could one peruse the images of these beautiful dogs without becoming depressed themselves.  Especially our unique 'in memoriam' section that gave homage to dogs that were killed.  If you're feeling good today, go to that section to quickly alter your outlook.

Still, even with the depressing content people were coming to our website...and we noticed leaving after a hefty dose of dying dogs.  We surmised that as animal lovers our visitors would like to be kept up to date on the latest activity.  Follow trains of thoughts and ideas in the animal related fabric of the country.  And we decided it would be a 'no holds barred' section; all ideologies would be welcome and treated equal.  This way, for the first time in 14 years, DogsInDanger would offer the public more than a list of dogs at death's door.

We hope you enjoy our commentary section.  We hope you will participate by submitting your own articles for publication.

*** Alex is a serial entrepreneur having started multiple successful businesses. After a career in marketing with Fortune 50 companies he entered the world of the Internet in 1999. In 2005 he adopted the cause of the animals as his own. A prolific writer he has been seen and quoted on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, People magazine amongst many others. He currently serves as the President of The Buddy Fund.

The opinions expressed are solely the author's and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the website or its affiliates.